iResidenz is a Resident & Visitor Management System that’s ideal for strata developmentscondominiums, serviced residences, and gated communities.

Owners and tenants just need to login via the web or mobile app to connect with Management Office. For those struggling to manage their academic tasks alongside their daily responsibilities, leveraging as an assistant for academic writing can significantly alleviate their workload. Getting things done has never been easier. Payments, bookings, and everything else can be done at your own comfort & convenience — anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Getting started is a breeze. Once all information is provided to us, we can quickly setup within 7 working days. You don’t have to worry about anything and you don’t have to be tech-savvy — it’s just that easy to use.

We complement any accounting system you use — from CSS Decisions to Advelsoft and more.

Join our properties that are using iResidenz nationwide — Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Sabah, and Sarawak.



For Resident Committees

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Joint Management Bodies, Management Corporations, Residents' Associations — whatever you name it.
  • Make life easier for everyone — owners, tenants, and management office.
  • Ensure continuity in the event that there's a change in management staff.
  • Ensure management office is freed from the labour of lesser tasks to focus on primary responsibilities.
  • Provide the opportunity to go paperless and be cost-efficient.

For Property Management Co.

  • Provide a dashboard to monitor the performance of all properties in realtime, in detail, and on-the-go — no longer wait for weekly / monthly reports to find out what's really going on at each property.
  • Allow you to provide quality assurance and peace of mind to your clients.
  • Empower your clients to be productive, cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly.
  • Ensure business continuity in the event management staff changes. Data and activity logged in the portal makes handovers easier.

For Property Developers

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  • Enhance customer experience from the moment they decide to buy, all the way to occupancy of the unit, and beyond.
  • Allow you to advertise to not only your existing buyers, but also your 2nd and 3rd layer of potential buyers, even after the property has been handed over to a managing body.
  • Enable operations to effectively monitor the performance of all properties, whether it's managed in-house or outsourced to third parties.


Key Features

Read General Notices

Get notified of general notices the moment it's updated in the portal. Log in to read notices and view attachments, if any.

View Invoices & Statements

View print-friendly PDFs of your invoices & statements. No longer have to keep or search for the hard copies.

Pay Online & View History

Pay your bills securely and hassle-free — no need to email proof of payment to management office. All transactions are recorded and viewable in your payment history.

Book Facilities

Conveniently book facilities without having to check with management office. Check availability of facilities in realtime, make the booking and be automatically reminded when payment is due.

Post Private Messages

Private, 1-to-1 communication with management office on anything that's not a complaint, e.g. updating them that you'll be away or asking them a question with regards to that notice that they sent out.

Raise Issues & Track Status

Log a complaint with attachments and track whether it's pending, open, closed or re-opened. Allows you to communicate directly with management office until it's resolved.


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One time Setup Fee

Affordable monthly subscription fee.
starting from RM 400 /month


Create your own branding.
Powered by iResidenz technology

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Enquire to know more



When I logged into iResidenz, I was in Canada. I travel a lot – almost 6 months a year, I’m away. So every year, I have to pay 6 months in advance. So when I got the message that said I could pay online, I was so excited and that’s how I got in very fast. My grandchildren asked me ‘What are you doing nenek?’ and I said ‘I’m logging into iResidenz to pay my condominium fees’ and my grandchildren said Yay! Angela, Resident of Bistari, Putra
I found the payment solution was so convenient for me because I do quite a bit of travelling and the times when I’m free, like on Saturday’s, when I want to rest or have errands to run, I have to make the time to go to the management office before and that was very inconvenient for me, so I found this was the perfect solution and I hope everyone gives it a try because it’s so, so easy to use. Jessie, Resident of Waldorf & Windsor, Sri Hartamas
Our paperwork has reduced tremendously. All general notices, messages and statements are online, hence reducing the amount of manual paperwork. Follow-up's and feedback are much easier to monitor. Communications are more efficient. Tracking and reporting is easier too. Westside One residents have complimented this portal as it helps them check their monthly statements online and make payments online too, which makes it very convenient for them. Mr. Muthaiya, Building Manager of The Westside One, Desa ParkCity
Being in the Facilities Management business for over 25 years, we have gone through many challenges. And with the scarcity of human resources especially for this type of industry, the move toward the internet and digital age is prudent and timely. With realtime feedback & response culminating with consideration for the environment in going paperless, iResidenz is definitely a useful tool to help reduce extra manpower and increase productivity & efficiency. Jeffrey, Managing Director of JL Facilities Management Sdn Bhd

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