For Owners & Tenants

  • Update Profile, e.g. contact details, etc.
  • View General Notices
  • Post Messages to Management Office
  • View Invoices & Statements
  • Pay Online Securely
  • Book Facilities
  • Submit Renovation Application
  • Raise Issues & Track Status
  • Send Compliments to Management Office
  • View Useful Contacts, e.g. service providers, etc.
  • View Photo Albums
  • View / Download House Rules
  • View Documents, e.g. AGM minutes

For Management Office

  • Dashboard - latest complaints, messages, bookings, payments & notifications
  • Post General Notices to: all / by block (if applicable) / only owners / only tenants
  • Post 1-to-1 Messages
  • Send SMS to: all / by block / only owners / only tenants / specific owner / specific tenant
  • View Compliments
  • View and Respond to Complaints
  • Log a Complaint on Behalf of owner / tenant
  • View Online Payment Records - by month / year / unit
  • Update Online Transaction Receipts with Official Receipt Number
  • Log any other updates in Journal, e.g. work orders, meetings, etc.
  • Generate Monthly Reports with 1-click
  • Update Photo Albums
  • Update House Rules
  • Customise Useful Contacts
  • Add Folders & Documents

For Property Management Co.

  • Realtime Dashboard - latest general notices, messages, complaints, payments & bookings from all properties
  • Property Overview with colourful bar charts for each property
  • Detailed View for general notices, messages, complaints, payments & bookings


 Other Features

For Resident Committees

Continuity is ensured in the event that there's a change with the management staff, property management company or the committee.
  • Document Storage - keep all documents related to the committee in one place.
  • Discussion Forum - communicate between committee and management office OR only between committee members.
  • Polls - easily create polls to get votes on important topics.
  • Committee Events - management office can easily create events that require members to RSVP, e.g. EGMs and AGMs.
  • Task Assignment - assign & track tasks for management office to carry out.
  • Dashboard - monitor operations of management office.
  • Alerts - complaints will be escalated if management office fails to resolve within a set duration.

For Security

  • Pre-register visitors. Pre-registered visitors will receive a barcode to check-in and check-out
  • Registration with image capture for easy identification. Visitors need to do a full registration during their first visit. Subsequent visits only require ID number and image verification for quicker processing.
  • Realtime analysis of visitors during registration for effective screening. Security will immediately be alerted of any suspicious elements, e.g. identity, vehicle used, visiting pattern and whether they've been blacklisted.
  • Track which guard allowed which visitors in and out of the premise with special verification codes that are assigned to each guard. Prevents guards from manipulating each other.
  • Reporting - a comprehensive report will be made available to the property manager on the different types of visitors (guests, contractors, delivery, etc.) on a monthly or periodic basis.